Winsome Words 2/17/14

I believe it to be a grave mistake to present Christianity as something charming and popular with no offense in it…We cannot blink the fact that gentle Jesus meek and mild was so stiff in His opinions and so inflammatory in His language that He was thrown out of church, stoned, hunted from place to place, and finally gibbeted as a firebrand and a public danger.  Whatever His peace was, it was not the peace of an amiable indifference.  Dorothy Sayers

“You scum! Do you want to live forever?”

The Battle of Kolin is not much remembered these days, although it was a brutal, bloody slaughter. It was fought between Prussia and Austria on June 18, 1757, as part of Frederick the Great’s long campaign to extend his territories at the Austrians’ expense. This time, however, he found the Austrians well prepared and well led. His army was outnumbered, and nearly 14,000 of his 32,000 men lost their lives. At the height of the fighting, Frederick is supposed to have screamed at his troops: “You scum! Do you want to live forever?”

I wonder about us Christians, me as a Christian. I must die some day. A fact. What battles am I refusing to fight because I do not want to face death, though I will surely die anyway? What cause for Christ am I refusing to fight because to fight it threatens to take away from me the things of this life, things which I must soon give up anyway? What a poor soldier I am!