The Scripture Promise Box

When I was a child, we had on the kitchen table a Bible Promise box. It was in the shape of a small loaf of bread to remind us that God’s Word is true bread. And in sticking out of the top of that loaf were rectangular cards, each with a promise from God. We would take a card each evening and read a promise from God. Great idea, isn’t it?

After supper and sometimes during the day I would take those promise cards and build a multilayer house. Wanted to see how many floors I could add. Of course, I was only working out the metaphor of building my house on the rock, the true Rock.

I can’t recall during my 40 years of pastoral ministry seeing a Scripture promise box in anyone’s home. How could such a great idea go missing? Maybe for some the simple claiming of a promise is too juvenile and oh so simplistic. But as I was building my house of cards I remember reading those verses from the Bible. I thought they were true. I still do. And that makes life an adventure, always looking to see what God will do.

Scripture Promise Box

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