Dr. John Lennox on the topic, “Seven Days That Divide the World”

Socrates in the City recently hosted Dr. John Lennox, British physicist, to speak on the Genesis account of creation. He does an able job, complete with both a close reading of the text and a mind that seeks both the natural sense of the text and the range of possibilities that it yields. As a Christian he is committed to the authority of the Bible but in a manner which demonstrates neither a pedantic or obscurantist approach. The audience is a quite sophisticated assembling of people at the epicenter of high culture in New York City. This is not a group that would suffer fools gladly. Dr. Lennox pulls it off.

BTW, you should keep abreast at happenings at Socrates in the City. Eric Metaxas is the creator of this event. He is best known for his recent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer as well as his, strangely enough, stint with Veggie Tales. These are two different worlds! Eric is part comedian, or so it seems. Here is his speech at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast.

The invited guests at Socrates in the City are some of the premier intellectuals of the day and worthy of a listen. The talks are available for $10 each and worthy of your attention.

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