“Top Ten Arguments Against God” at Jesus Creed

Scot McKnight is offering a series at his blog on the top ten arguments against God, authored by Jeff Cook. Check it out. Scot doesn’t do junk on his blog so it should be helpful and intellectually and soulishly  gratifying. Don’t you like the word “soulishly”? It doesn’t come up as a word on my spell checker. It has to be a word somewhere!!

BTW I am finding Scot’s book The King Jesus Gospel so helpful in reshaping the word “gospel.” I have been convinced for some time that all the emphasis on the atonement theories that attach to the word gospel simply don’t connect with the Christian imagination. They lie on the outside of me and don’t get inside. I have been trying to figure out why. Scot and NT Wright figured it out for me simply by paying attention to the Scripture. Sometimes I think I am paying attention to Scripture. But I’m not. I am simply paying attention to my assumptions about what it says.

GK Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man helps me here, too. (Gosh, I hate the cover chosen for this book). Chesterton traces the spiritual journey of mankind, or at least of Western civilization. Thesis: the religions of the world had grown tired and could no longer invent enough gods to keep God big. Jesus was the solution to that problem. This fits in with the Gospel narrative that the Gospel is that in Jesus God is becoming King.

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