The Preacher Who Could Have Been Rich But Who Has Nothing to Sell

I can’t prove it, but I suspect that John Piper could have been a very rich man. Instead he works hard to offer the Gospel to all free of charge.

I have been scanning the web for some resources for use in church and ministry. There is a lot of good stuff. Lots. And it cost serious money to make that good stuff available – hours of labor, production costs, distribution costs, website costs, etc. It is not a moral problem to charge for the things it cost so much to “put on the table” to feed the flock.

But it sure is a moral surprise to see it offered for free by John Piper’s ministry. Donors make sure this can happen. And John makes sure it can happen by not being the middle man who takes the toll charge for all who want to ride on the road he opens up. He receives no royalties from his books. He lives on the salary the church pays him.

I won’t mention the names of other high profile preachers/teachers who don’t do this. And I know for a fact how enriching this is to some – I mean literally enriching. Their lavish lifestyles are all over the papers and a scandal to the Gospel. Piper’s  most famous book, Desiring God, is free as a PDF. What author takes his bestseller and makes it free??

The resources at form a virtual library of Bible teaching and ministry – FREE TO THE USER.

This is how it ought to be. This is what one of this kind of influence should want to do.

For a period of time I was able to donate to desiring god to help get this done, and I am not even a Calvinist but an Arminian. Piper’s instinct is to move toward the Bible, raise it up as the very mind of God expressed to us, and therefore precious beyond any measure or imagining. His heart is as my heart. And then, in keeping with the grace he exalts, he offers it graciously free to all who would come, read, listen and watch.

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