No Matter How Much Money We Pour into Education We Can’t Make Parents Care

I have been reading over Mitt Romney’s education plan. I can’t remember a candidate running for office who didn’t put education on the front burner and promise to change things for good. And still, here we are!!!

The reality is that no matter how many resources are poured into public education, there is no lever that can be switched on to make parents care. And that is the critical piece – a home where parents focus, set aside their personal needs, prioritize their lives, put down the booze, keep out of the malls, simplify and streamline life, manage their evenings as well as their days, and keep their kids on the education path. Can you buy something that will replace that? Can you overcome what happens when parents actually choose to work at cross purposes to a successful education for their children?

As in so many other things, the home has been loosed from its moorings to stable and attentive family units. What our kids are going through in our homes is the national crisis. What our kids have to see and endure as so many parents live out of control lives is the scandal. For 40 years as a Pastor I have seen what kids have to go through because the real kids are the adults.

According to  a recent demographic concerning some of the riots over tuition increases in Great Britain last year, the startling figure that I recall is that in over 40% of British households children have never seen an adult in the home get up and go to work. The welfare system is so out of control that personal responsibility for one’s own well being is no longer a major part of the national consciousness.

America, I believe, is increasingly aware that there is an end game here. Moral renewal is the need of the hour. It is not a matter of churches imposing their morality on society. It’s about society empty of moral nourishment and knowing it.

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