Gold is Uncivilized – Warren Buffet

Buffet has let it be know that those who wish to return to the gold standard are uncivilized. This is as if the Wall Street and government collusion are civilized. In fact, the ability of governments to print money to prop up betting and failed banks is a civilized thing to do, as Buffet would define civilized. Look at what is happening across the globe in financial markets and see if you can call this the apex of progressive civilization. It is government’s willingness to manipulate the worth of money that is devastating so many.  It is war by another means – war on the poor and the powerless.

If I had to do ministry over again and work for social justice in my way, economic systems is where I would focus. The usual bugaboos of the church are racism and war. As I mentioned previously, while John Piper has written a book titled Bloodlines dealing with racism, someone should be writing a book titled Banklines.

The way it works is that the wealthy always have the right to more and should never risk a loss. Nothing new there, except that with the wonderful gift of technology they are able to manipulate at levels heretofore unimagined and they wonderfully spin the tale that it is the poor’s own fault.  After all, they say, this is capitalism with its invisible hand of risk and loss. The spin is at that the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) are, in fact, pigs. They have it coming to them. Let austerity rule the day. But, in fact, the loss of banks who lent money to the PIGS needs to be shored up. No matter what, the banks should not lose money.

If Evangelicals want to speak truth to power, let them take on the entrenched interests of Wall St, the banks and governments. If they do, they will find out how powerful these entities really are.

Here is a video you might want to view. Go to the 12:42 mark.

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