Participate in Doctrine of the End Times online class with RC Sproul

There is hardly anything that makes me more edgy than when I talk with Christians about the end times. I seldom see people lock down on one interpretation so hard. I am just going along fellowshiping with them in Christ and then all of a sudden they turn into stone. They know what will happen at the end and if you disagree with them, you are virtually in league with the Antichrist. What’s up with that?

What’s up with that is simply not knowing. Careful students of the Bible should know better than locking down on any one eschatological position. You have a position. I have a position. We all have positions. But give me a break. There is no one position that preserves Christian orthodoxy beyond anything that the Apostles Creed offers. Christ will come again at the end of the age to usher in the fullness of his kingdom. If you will break fellowship with other believers over premillenialism, amillenialism or postmillenialism, you have taken a very dangerous turn.

RC Sproul has a definite position. But he offers it in an intelligent manner that allows for interpretive complexity. That is what I ask from a brother and sister. And if this is not offered to me by another, then game over.

Here’s the link.

By the way, I am amillenial. And for those of you who think I am a liberal, I guess this proves it.  🙂

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