For those who have to listen to sermons and for those who preach them

Ira Glass is a wonderful story teller on “This American Life.” He’s a can’t miss phenomenon.

In this video he describes the process of becoming a wonderful story teller. It ain’t easy. Takes years. Takes patience. Takes the ability to tolerate your own bad stuff until you get to the other side. A lot of people don’t make it. They get too discouraged. They don’t want to work that hard. They can’t take the self-criticism.

And for those of you who listen to sermons, appreciate what the person who is doing the preaching is going through. Charles Spurgeon wrote about going to the pulpit and the last person he met before he stepped onto the platform was the Devil and the first person he met on the way off the platform was the Devil. It’s not easy having to wrestle him every Sunday and take all his stinging criticisms.

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