Great book reviews from the folks at “Hearts and Minds”, along with a reflection on the importance of beauty penned by an aging, balding (and pretty much bald) man

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

These books are not necessarily steeped in the evangelical stream of Christianity (though that is surely there, too), but, in case you haven’t noticed, there are other streams out there worth paying attention to. Six day, early earth creationists don’t write all the good books!!!!

I am becoming increasingly attracted to books whose theme is the transforming nature of beauty. Ugliness kills the soul. That is why we have art schools, schools of architecture, museums, etc. We regularly ask decorators, painters, musicians, architects, clothes designers, home builders, and so on, to bring us things that lift our imaginations and create places we want to be. There is something about what one sees that gets into the inside of a man or woman, boy or girl, that creates a certain kind of space that evil and darkness can’t get to.

By the way, all you Protestants out there (among whom I am one) worship spaces are not “nothings.” They are not irrelevant to what happens within us. What you see in three dimensions affects your inner world. It’s not determinative, thank the Lord, or otherwise Christians all over the world who must hide from view in order to worship would be left out. But the trajectory in the Christian faith is toward beauty – of God (see Jonathan Edwards), of people (see CS Lewis), of places (see Wendell Berry) and of church buildings (see ???) I know that Puritans and evangelicals are suspicious of the latter. And Robert Schuller didn’t help with his Crystal Cathedral. But places that we beautify to help us remember the beauty to which we are called can be a good thing.

But all this is another post.

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