Al Mohler does right by Christopher Hitchens

In a previous post I referred to a dread of Mohler’s coming response to Hitchens’ death. Well, lo and behold, Mohler ‘done good’ by Hitchens in his recent post.  One thing I hand to Mohler –  he is a man who stays on message and does not seem to be cowed by popular mood or opinion. At times, he can seem tone deaf to the demands of the moment as he retreats to his “it all comes down to justification by faith alone” mantra that seems, to him, to suit all occasions. I am still surprised that he believes the earth was created 6,000 years ago. This is a woodenness and literalness that shows how far Mohler is willing to go to maintain his brand of orthodoxy.

But he got Hitchens’ place in the cultural dialogue and battle for ideas. And he didn’t actually end up the piece by reminding us that Hitchens is now in hell, like Piper had to do.

Just when I am ready to have one more experience of how a member of my tribe embarrasses me, Mohler surprises me with a decent tip of the hat to a man so many love to hate.