I am listening to the Bruce McCormack 2011 Kantzer Lectures -well worth your time

Here is the link.

These lectures are not for the theologically faint of heart, but they are for those who want to grapple with the more modern developments on the doctrine of God. Thinking about God didn’t stop at the Reformation. There are questions the orthodox doctrine of God raises which remain for reflection and require some kind of approach that keeps the other doctrines to which we are committed grounded. Perhaps some realize this, and in order to keep the old doctrines in place, such as forensic justification, essentially shut down any wider thinking on the doctrine of God.

These lectures open up the new territory being traversed, all within a commitment to evangelicalism, or at least McCormack says so. I have listened to one of the seven lectures.

If I understand this right, McCormick is a Karl Barth scholar and a Barth fan. That makes him unique today. Barth was so 1950’s. But not so quick, McCormick seems to be asserting. At Westminster Barth was dismissed without a reading, as was Arminius. The biggest mistake of my seminary education was taking professors’ word for it. But there is only so much time, and cranking out papers and getting grades loomed large.

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