Parishioners at baptist church watched as a brawl broke out right in the middle of service

There have been times when I actually have been surprised this hasn’t happened in a church I was pastoring. Though it doesn’t seem music and who gets the microphone were at the center of this brawl, it’s no surprise that the fighters were musicians. Moments have come on praise teams when I thoroughly expected a throw down. Believe me, don’t ever get in between a singer and the microphone. You will find out that electricity isn’t the only thing that has voltage.

When pastors get together, what they talk about is praise teams and how crazy it all gets. And yet pastors step back into it again and again, thinking that if they just had a better music program the church would be saved. You pay a price for that kind of thinking.

Blessed is the church where the powers that be keep a governor on the accelerator of music. When that baby is pushed all the way to the floor, the pyrotechnics can be blinding. The stories are amazing.

Here’s the article.

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