There is some insight here on the use of the word “biblical” by various groups



Bottom line of the article linked below is that a group will often label a position unblibical if it threatens to rupture the group that is evaluating it. In other words, the word is being used sociologically though it sounds very, well, biblical.



4 thoughts on “There is some insight here on the use of the word “biblical” by various groups

  1. This is a very good blog post. (i reposted on FB, BTW did you quit FB or block me?)

    I’ve heard members of just about every flavor of Christianity say “most people twist the bible to make is say what they want it to say, but we just tell you what the bible says”

    here is my favorite version from Johnny Mac’s study bible
    “while some popular study Bibles present multiple viewpoints, MacArthur’s notes always point you towards a single destination: God’s unchanging truth”

    Is there any doubt that Johnny sees himself ask speaking for god and all other christian views to be lies(or twisting)? The arrogance is stunning.

  2. All kinds of things are clear to MacArthur that aren’t clear to me. There is a center hallway where most of us Christians can meet before we wander off to our different rooms. For MacArthur all is hallway. Yep, I blocked you. I take anger on the blog. But I prefer a more domesticated FB. Who knows – maybe I will get angrier and love it or you will get milder.

    • You perceive me as angry? I find that really fascinating because I thought you knew me better than that. My personality hasn’t changed and not too much get’s me angry. (except when someone tells me I can’t have coffee in my classroom) If you didn’t want me to comment on your posts you should have just asked. I have no interest in harassing you on FB, I honestly thought you were someone who enjoyed conversation with people of differing opinions. I’m sorry you perceived me to be angry with you.

      One of the other pastors from TMA has maintained a great friendship with me, included me as a personal reference on his resume, and interviewed me for a sermon. Ironically, I just noticed that you blocked me b/c i tried to tag you in the video post b/c I thought you might enjoy it.

      Take care Don, I really do wish you and Sharon all the best. (please tell her the blanket you guys gave us for our wedding is still my favorite blanket)

      • I don’t perceive you to be angry with me. No offense taken. The harsh tones got a little much and would prefer to keep them limited to the blogosphere.

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