I think Pat Buchanan has this essentially right

Here is the link to Buchanan’s article.

It is hard to overestimate the damage Bush’s presidency has done to the American dream and its place in the world. I, like Buchanan, am a conservative. But I do not own the post 9/11 strategy of Bush-Cheney. When it was time to think and slow down, the President amped up and committed us to wars that have virtually destroyed our economy and sense of moral high ground. It is virtually impossible to describe the misery that has arisen out of this strategy that has pushed our country to the brink.

I continue to believe there was a way to respond that was forceful, decent and determined without the massive and tectonic shifting of our political, economic and social plates that today continue to send quakes through our country and the world. In my mind this is worst than the Vietnam War and its aftermath, another war, by the way, that was an unnecessary, a war of choice, and a bad one at that.

There are times we take a hit. There will always be nut-jobs and whackos who can do damage. America’s instinct must not be to find the nearest target and destroy it. Patient goodness and restraint becoming our strength is the wiser path. It is the one Bush did not take. And man are we paying the price for it!!!

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