Student scores to be key factor in teacher evaluations. Duhhhhh!!!!!

The Boston Globe reports

In a dramatic departure from past practice, students’ MCAS scores and other achievement data will become key barometers in evaluating the performance of their teachers and administrators, under new criteria the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved yesterday.

How was this ever an issue anyway? There is really no other way to evaluate a teacher in the here and now. Yes, even though the student may not be able to read and write and add, when he is 25 years old at least he is not in prison. And he owes it all to his teacher. Well, that may be true. So let’s put off teacher evaluations for at least 20 years and keep an open file on all former students to track down their progress.

Can you imagine any other human enterprise saying that there can be no real means of evaluating job performance in the present? How does that work at Burger King? I am sure the adult who now works there because he had one of these teachers gets the same treatment that he got in school – “don’t worry, Larry, you can’t put that hamburger together right but in 20 years we know that you’ll be making a contribution to society.”

Believe me, I have seen not just products of the public sector try to make it in the private sector, but actual employees of the public sector get fired from $10 an hour jobs because they can’t get it right. “Get it right” at Burger King doesn’t exactly call for strong verbal and math scores.

In the “right now” there is no other way to evaluate a teacher than by her or his students success at academics. That the education establishment can’t get this says something about who is teaching and the nature of the “profession.”

Oh, by the way, I am required to say, as all the articles do, there are many excellent teachers out there doing a first rate job.

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