Is it just me or have the Palins become our favorite reality show?

I am not sure why Bristol thinks I should know about how she lost her virginity, why she is even being interviewed or why the whole family demands spotlight and TV time. I am not sure why mom Sarah is so proud of her daughter being on a dance show, just exactly the kind of activity that will endear her little one to grow up with fond memories of the domesticity of the family. The last thing I want to see as an adult is a photo of my mom in a skimpy outfit out dancing while I am in childcare. Grow up, mom.

I am by and large a Sarah Palin fan. I am a limited government man and eschew that view of the state which reduces individual liberty and responsibility. But Palin loves a carnival and has found a way to get and keep attention that is unbecoming of a serious political figure who should be spending the resources of life on the public good.

And there is something in me that is repelled by turning conservatism and what is at stake in the political debate for the welfare of tens of millions of Americans into an over the top means to enrich oneself. I expect a more sober life from those who want to affect my future and maybe even have me vote for them.

There is something in all of this Sarah Palin does not get. And that she does not get it, bothers me. I wish she did get it. I wish she sobered up, was less interested in her financial future, and entered into serious political discourse apart from the speaker’s lectern. She has wasted her political start-up capital and soon will be a mere political hang-around.

To borrow a phrase, she coulda been a contenda.

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