If you have the stomach to pay the price, it can be done

Gov Scott Walker got it done. He balanced the Wisconsin state budget without raising taxes.

What a price he paid!! A simple “no” to spending more than we take in can be done. It can. The problem is that adults are not minding the store. There are things adults have to do – and one of them is live within their means and fight like mad until it is done. Truly, there is a ruthlessness to it. That is why it takes an adult to do it. Children can’t say “no” very easy.

In today’s political atmosphere we don’t need great leaders. We just need some adults in the room. Hats off to Gov Walker for not playing dead or crying about how hard it is to be Governor. He is one of a new breed of governors who have the stomach (a word I hesitate to use relative to Chris Christie but you know what I mean) to simply go about the business of managing government.

I think the problem with President Obama is not his ideology (which is troubling) as much as his psychology. He does not have a fully formed adult psyche. He still thinks as a ready-made knee jerk reaction “there’s more where that came from”. That is not what “grown up” adults think.

Interestingly enough for me, the GOP presidential candidate ranks has women who can say no and mean it. This makes President Obama look even less an adult. Women have historically been a cultural treasure house of necessary elements of cultural transmission, such as understanding, hard relational work, nurturing and a readiness to put others first. Even with that cultural history, the increasing number of women who are catching man #1 with his hand continually in the cookie jar is almost a stereotypical marriage joke. It’s even embarrassing.

Maybe 2012 will prove to be “the year of the grown up”.

One thought on “If you have the stomach to pay the price, it can be done

  1. good stuff…it would be refreshing to have politicians who leave the games behind and actually do what is beneficial for the people who pay their salaries. Time to grow up!

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