I don’t want someone for President who needs to be President as bad as Mitt Romney does

I think most people have concluded that Mitt Romney will say anything and do anything as long as people will like him enough to make him President.

Someone who needs to be President that bad has already shown he cannot lead.

Romney is perennially in the race and always making up his “we already thought he had his mind made up” mind. I think a politician is allowed to change his mind. But he  is not allowed to change his mind three times, as Romney has done on abortion. The third time around and no one can avoid the nearest available conclusion – Romney is using babies to chase votes.

I think Romney is essentially a nice conservative. Conservative as in the Judeo-Christian Tradition. And nice, as in “please and thank you.” He does not have the fire for an extended battle and standing by the stuff. He will back off a position simply because it makes someone mad at him. It makes me want to mess up his hair!!!

I personally find it hard to get past what he did for a living-restructuring troubled companies. I know the kind. Have been around them. They really don’t earn a living, produce a good, and take it to market. With capital they buy a troubled business, move in and fire people in heaps to reduce expenses, reconfigure the organization, and then put it back on the market at a price that means whoever buys it will pay such a premium that most such deals end up in failure once again. This means that essentially what he did for a living is lose people’s jobs for them.

It’s fair and it’s capitalist. But it’s repo work, and I don’t want a repo man as President.

Romney will not be the nominee of the Republican Party. He is a nuisance they have to dispense with before they get on to the real candidate.  But in the mean time I feel sort of sorry for a man who needs a job this bad.

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