Of course, Shakespeare wrote the KJV!!!

If you speak English you speak King James:

Drop in the bucket, feet of clay, tender mercies, at wits end, baptism of fire, bite the dust, by the skin of your teeth, by the sweat of your brow, can a leopard change it spots, cast the first stone, cross to bear, broken heart, eat drink and be merry, fall by the wayside, fall from grace, fat of the land.

Some even theorized that William Shakespeare was one of the revisers, for only his powers could explain the beauty of the language. Indeed,he was alive and in the second half of his career when the KJV was being produced. People see evidence for this in Ps 46. In Ps 46 the 46th word from the beginning is shake and the 46th word from the end is spear, Shakespeare was 46 in the year the KJV was being translated and through some kind of imagined acrostic supposedly in the middle of Ps 46 you can come up with “I am William.”

Here is a very entertaining program from On Point on the KJV.

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