I’ll buy this book when it comes out next month

The Pastor: A Memoir by Eugen Peterson. I never read Peterson without going deeper and changing my mind about the way I am doing ministry and following Christ. His translation The Message is always near me (and at the top of my Kindle). I wish he was a better preacher. Like many authors his speaking style is too deliberate and halting for me. But when the man writes, the meal served up is delicious. His metaphors, phrasing, cadence and rhythm, etc., keep me engaged and alert. I am very thankful he has chosen to serve evangelicalism, though I suspect at times that his evangelicalism with just a twist and a turn could turn in a different direction. Sometimes I wonder if he is at the center of the camp where we all ought to be or on its outer edges. Just the man’s recommended reading list is mind-bending. 90% of what he proposes for my reading I have hardly heard of before. Let’s just say Moody Press and Zondervan aren’t the publishers of choice. Sometimes I have amazed that Nav Press chose to be the publisher of The Message.

When I think of Peterson’s writings I think of House. He doesn’t fit, doesn’t belong, says hard things, goes against the crowd and is a bit angular – but we sure do need him in the family.

Sure hope this book is on Kindle.

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