In Massachusetts, we don’t just tolerate madness; we export it.

Here is Joe Fitzgerald’s column in the Boston Herald. The cop killed in the Christmas shootout in Woburn was killed by a (stop me if you have heard this before) man on parole.

This is a story often told here in the “compassion” state.  Who can forget Willie Horton, who sunk Dukakis’ chance to be President? This is perhaps the only good thing Horton did in his life. With Dukakis as President prison doors would have needed some WD40 for all the swinging open they would have been doing. Of course, not all those who are released from prison on early parole recommit crimes in MA. They go to other states to display their madness. See Fitzgerald’s column.

Many evangelical progressives attempt to Christianize the state. They mean to make forgiveness and mercy the chief characteristics of the government at the financial costs of the citizenry and often at their own risk.  It’s a sort of “what would Jesus do?” if he was governor.

I continue to be committed to the position that the chief role of the state is order and justice. No one is saying that government is not tempered with an understanding that it is with weak mortals with whom we have to do. But those appointed to rule must be able to look the criminal in the eye and pronounce justice. If one cannot sustain courage and insistence in such a position, then go into the ministry with me.

On my end of things, in the ministry, my #1 job is the Gospel. That is not the Governor’s job. I bring to the table the miracles of forgiveness and new beginnings. I bring to the table a spiritually revived citizenry who are filled with charity and works of beneficence. I see in every man what Christ can do. I see no man outside the sphere of grace. Once we get these two spheres confused neither the Gospel nor government will be at their best.

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