The email I sent to Sen Scott Brown

With the announcement of your position on DADT, you will lose my vote the next time around. I voted for you the last time with hopes that you would be able to sustain a conservative trajectory. My wide network of friends are outraged, not just in your vote but in your change of commitment from before the last election. While it may seem that this vote is necessary for you to win re-election, I believe that a consistent conservative position will in the longer run create credibility and electability. You apparently have a shorter term view of things based on your own personal political career.

One thought on “The email I sent to Sen Scott Brown

  1. I can almost understand the right’s position against gay marriage. I’m even okay with it as long as they believe in equal justice for all[for ex. the idea that the gov. should stop giving marriages and gives civil unions to everyone]. However I don’t understand the DADT position. Should gay people not be allowed to work at Stop & shop? The military is a job. Many opposed the repeal of DADT b/c they thought it would impact the safety of troops in a neg way. Now we know that 70% of the troops think repeal of DADT will have little to no effect. Scott brown has had his one secular leg swept out from under him by the people he was claiming to protect. He can’t very well say “gays shouldn’t be able to serve b/c my god doesn’t like them”. Should he whine, like the once respectable John McCain, that the question wasn’t asked properly? Quite frankly Don, I’m surprised by your stance [even knowing your opinion of gay people in general]

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