Could it be that Obama did not spend enough money for a fuller recovery?

There are people who think so? Here is Katrina Vanden Heuvel writing so in her article in the Wall Street Journal.  The reason the GOP took back the house is, for her, simply because Obama was intimidated into not making the full investment necessary. Because the top 1% got richer, it wouldn’t be unfair to make them bear the brunt of the economic recovery, she argues. Of course, you could make the case that the 1% got to where they were not in spite of government but because they were smart enough and brave enough to translate governmental policy into personal gain. Now to demonize them and tell they owe it back is changing the rules.

If you haven’t viewed The Commanding Heights, you need to. It is an overview of the battle of economic theories. Several business classes use it where I teach. I think this series answers once and for all whether or not Obama did enough for the economy or did too much.

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