Even as I read and study the Qur’an, moments like these balance the purely academic.

This is a JD Grear video on the personal dimensions of sharing Christ with Muslims. Even as I study Islam and read the Qur’an for understanding this people movement, evaluating and judging, this video is a reminder that personal evangelism moves outside of the mere “who’s right, who’s wrong” modality.

I think we all are generally of the opinion that religions should not attack other religions but affirm them in some way, like Paul in Athens, seemingly complimenting the Athenians for being religious. But I wonder. Are there some religions whose trajectories and track records are so brutalizing and barbaric that Christendom best witnesses to Christ by a full-scale assault on them.

If you take the word “religion” out of the equation and substitute “world view” the options broaden, or so it feels. Mounting a vigorous academic assault on a dehumanizing worldview doesn’t sound evil to me.  And I wonder how many of those oppressed by that worldview but enslaved to it by family bonds, ethnic roots and cultural pressures desire to have someone(s) storm the gates of the prison with the veritable canons of truth, logic and empirical data. These people know they can only be saved from the outside, and those on the outside must have the courage to relentlessly attack

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