Palin in 2012?

I do like Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t anymore want to debate her than Christopher Hitchens, not so much because she matches his IQ but both will drive the knife when they find the jugular. She is a formidable foe and not easily dispensed by dismissive attitude toward the “stupid women” set the democrats so easily deride.

But I do have an issue. Clearly the Palins don’t do normal. There is a narcissistic, “pay attention to me, make sure we are at the center of things, even the children” approach that leads me to intuit some dysfunction that unsettles me. It’s not that the press itself insists on it. It’s more that Sarah Palin insists. The exhibitionism gets a bit embarrassing. I do wonder what is going on there, and in life as normal these are the kind of people I might move to the outer circles around. And in my deepest heart, I am also repelled by a person who uses ideology and politics to not only make a living but enrich themselves beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. If she wants to settle once and forever whether she is in a run for a political office and decides no, then I have no problem with the money gig. Knock your socks off. But when it comes to office holding, that is war and people at war, a real war, shouldn’t be getting rich at it while other loyal soldiers are living the sacrifice.

A similar issue with Newt Gingrich. Serial monogamy man that he is, there is such a sleazy side to his relationship with women that for all his ability to debate and give the knock out punch, I am always wondering what drives the man. I am much more comfortable with a playboy than a serial monogamist. I am much more comfortable with a married man who is a playboy than a serial monogamist. (Yes, I am a pastor. My wife has always said I should rethink that – too late!!!!)

Mitt Romney seems like a reasonable option, but living in Massachusetts like I do and seeing him change his mind onabortion at least three times, and in major ways, and proposing “Romney Care”, I often wonder what Romney won’t do to get along in the political arena. He is centered on economic issues, it seems. But I don’t have a lot of regard even for the kind of business experience he has – righting companies that have gone belly-up. These kinds of business people are like stock brokers and lawyers to me. They are parasitic on other people’s labors, strains and toils. They do the easy work, if work it be called.

So I am out here wondering about who to gravitate toward. It won’t be these three, though I wouldn’t slit my throat if they gained the nomination like I did when John McCain was nominated and when I did when George Bush 1 and George Bush 2 were. I never voted for any of these men. These men were not and showed themselves not to be conservatives in the intelligent meaning of the term.

I have been tempted to vote for nut-job Ralph Nader with whom I practically disagree on anything. I might have voted for him along the way. I forget. The reason? Once he found a sale at an army-navy surplus store on shoes. They were such a good deal he bought enough to last for a lifetime. I ‘ll vote for any man who would do that. I would vote for Eileen Stroud for President, a woman in my congregation who will keep her car bumper patched together with Duck Tape rather than buy a new car. Her car is old enough that a new bumper would total the car.

3 thoughts on “Palin in 2012?

  1. Not sure why you have any love for Sarah Palin. Her total lack of gravitas is as far as anyone needs to look. No need for her or the media to even mention the screwed up family life. LOL.

    What you got against Christopher Hitchens? I didn’t like his initial support of Bush’s fake war and torture regime, but at least he’s seen the light. Perhaps his atheism offends you? Comparing his intellect to Sarah Palin is out of line with the more reasonable writing I see on your site.


  2. My bad. I just noticed that you are a pastor, which might explain your antipathy towards Hitchens. But this little bit is truly revelatory:

    These kinds of business people are like stock brokers and lawyers to me. They are parasitic on other people’s labors, strains and toils. They do the easy work, if work it be called.

    And the “work” that you do for the ministry is equivalent to ditch digging? LOL.

    We probably agree on more than we disagree on, but your intellect is being consumed by an irrational (yet understandable) belief in Christian mythology. I say this knowing full well that it is difficult to convince a man of anything when his doing so would result in a loss of income.

    That said, I might attend church if somebody paid me for the wasted time.


  3. Actually I have a lot of regard for Christopher Hitchens. Of all the new anti-theists I find him the most formidable in debate. While I don’t accept his logic, I do think he makes powerful psychological arguments against theism. I also teach philosophy in college and show a few of his videos. He takes no prisoners in a debate. Neither does Palin, though she clearly is not on a par intellectually. They both have a “go for the jugular” instinct.

    Hey, I never said really worked for a living!!!

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