On Eddie Long and his accusers

Here we go again. Anyone want to take bets on this one? It’s a done deal and the clock is ticking.

This film has been played  so many times. But the image that is left is the applauding and cheering churches. That’s what I can’t get out of my mind.

What’s a church supposed to do in a situation like this? When I served in Emporia, KS, I remember the day a Pastor’s wife had been found dead in her car which seemingly had veered off of a bridge. I remember announcing it in church and to pray for the family. But I knew enough about the area, etc., to immediately suspect the story. And soon it became clear that investigation was increasingly pointing to the Pastor. What was the church supposed to do? They took a stand and cheered their pastor on. That is, until he went to jail.

Churches seem systemically incapable of self-doubt. And ultimately their inability to hold leadership accountable is their undoing. Churches are called to operate at levels that rise above friendship and loyalty. Justice and truth are great goods that get lost in the shuffle of church life. But ultimately justice and truth pop up like grass through the cracks in a sidewalk. And after a second look, churches find that these virtues save us, too.

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