My feelings exactly!!

Here is Howie Carr’s response to President Carter’s recent humanitarian mission to North Korea. I still remember the “wonderful” days of Carter. It was horrible. A truly failed leader.  When today’s hip evangelicals talk about Christianity and social justice, changing the structures of society, etc., I can’t help but think of Carter. If I have to choose I will choose Southern Baptist Clinton over Southern Baptist Carter anytime. Those who try to make the government a church (and I am not talking about conservatives here) are in for a rude awakening.

One thought on “My feelings exactly!!

  1. “Those who try to make the government a church ”

    this sentiment is widespread and it always makes me laugh. I’m so sick of hearing how charity & social justice are the church’s job. The church has the resources to end extreme world poverty – Instead they spend their money on stuff for themselves. The church could have a huge impact on the aids epidemic – instead they spread lies that condoms are immoral and don’t work….

    The best way to get government out of what you call “church” work is to actually do it. I offer a similar argument to republicans who oppose welfare [which i agree is generally broken] – find a solution that actually works and we won’t need welfare.

    As long as Christians, conservatives, and republicans pretend there isn’t a problem only humanists, progressives, and dems will be working on solutions!

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