A cool way to learn Latin

Here it is. Visual Latin.  Go to a free video lesson here.

You would have thought along the way I would have taken Latin. It is the language of the church for its first 1500 years. And many of its books remain untranslated in Latin.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind the precision of theological argumentation from those days is that the church was communicating with itself in only one language. The complexities introduced by multiple languages didn’t slow down the theological project. A word in latin in the 4th century AD meant the same thing as a word in latin in the 8th century AD.

Of course, knowing Latin will enable me to really read Hodge’s Systematic Theology as he spins off into long passages of Latin, assuming that I as a theological student will be able to read it. Not!!!!

So I am thinking of getting this curriculum. It appears to be for the younger student, but as I get older they tell me my childhood will return. So maybe it will be just right.

2 thoughts on “A cool way to learn Latin

  1. I had two years of Latin in highschool. It was without a doubt the most important subject I studied in K-12. It has had a huge and ongoing effect on my worldview. I recommend some knowledge of Latin to everyone.

    I had a look at the free lesson, and I approve of the technique, for what it’s worth. I especially like how he connects Latin to English on the fly.

    Although I believe the correct infinitive in Latin for “to be” is not “sum” but “esse.”

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