Jim Wallis’ Critique of the Tea Party Movement Critiqued

Jim Wallis, like Glenn Bleck, is increasingly reminding me of SNL’s churchlady. They are curmudgeons who show up at everybody else’s party to preach. Perhaps Wallis is the unhappiest of the two. Exaggeration and hyperbole are the stock and trade of their exercises and it is increasingly hard to hear them stereotype and clothe most everything they say in apocalyptic terms.

Wallis has made it clear that the Teaparty movement is not Christian. (Thank you, Jim – we want to make sure we steer clear of mixing politics and religion like the Moral Majority did and which you studiously avoid!!!) I think he wants to prove that the present administration is a better church than the Church. Government can be and ought to be the arm of the arm of the compassionate church, as Wallis sees it. Except that this time around the church through law and force extracts compassion from citizens against their will.

Patheos analyzes Wallis’ assertion. Such quips on Wallis’ part endanger his reputation as a sober thinker and suggest that he is more of an idealogue. The “average” evangelical who has an affinity with the Tea Party knows that what Wallis asserts is nutty, and they won’t take him seriously next time.

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