The Way Anne Curry Does News

Those of us with a more conservative political bent think Anne Curry can bend the news a bit. Here’s an example, reported in Time:

Peppering in the names of distinguished alumni is an easy way to boost commencement speech. But TODAY show news anchor Ann Curry learned the hard way that the names have to be from the right schools.

Curry delivered Saturday’s speech to graduates at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, referencing the esteemed careers of a trio of alumni — reverend Billy Graham, film director Wes Craven and politician Dennis Hastert.

As the AP reports, the only problem was that each of those distinguished graduates went to another Wheaton College — in Illinois.

Graham, Hastert and Craven would have had great difficulty earning the East Coast education. Up until 1988, Wheaton (Mass.) was an all-girls institution.

Curry quickly copped to her mistake, releasing a statement on the university website: “I am mortified by my mistake, and can only hope the purity of my motive, to find a way to connect with the graduates and to encourage them to a life of service, will allow you to forgive me.”

The Diff between Boston and LA

Breaking down Boston vs. L.A. from Boston Herald


BOS: Cadillac Deval

L.A.: Aaaahnold

Famous for:

BOS: Prestigious colleges; world-class hospitals; Ben Affleck

L.A.: Fake boobs, fake tans, fake hair

Favorite Restaurants:

BOS: Legal Seafood

L.A.: In-N-Out Burger


BOS: Dunkin’ Donuts … regulah

L.A.: Wheat-grass smoothie … post-rehab

Getting around the city:

BOS: MBTA … and keep your hands to yourself!

L.A.: Freeway (BYO gat and body armor)

Shopping scene:

BOS: Walking a Westie down Newbury Street

L.A.: Bringing a kinkajou to Rodeo Drive


BOS: Carson Beach

L.A.: Malibu – no riff-raff, please

Last Call:

BOS: 1:30 a.m.

L.A.: Whenever the booze-monitoring ankle bracelet beeps


BOS: Blizzards, nor’easters, heat waves, crisp colorful autumns

L.A.: Mostly smoggy, with a chance of mudslides and brush fires

Infamous celebs:

BOS: Bobby Brown, on a good day

L.A.: Get in line

Theme songs:

BOS: “Love That Dirty Water”

L.A.: “California Girls”

How to tell a local:

BOS: We’re wicked smaht.

L.A.: OMG – they’re so like, totally hip, it’s like not even funny