My “sabbatical”

This is day three since my last day at Coastal Church. Day one was very busy with grading papers and teaching. Day two was delicious. Sharon was at work (no, that wasn’t delicious), and I was home alone in my office most of the day reading and being present to the Lord. The rains were pounding most of the day, so it was sort of an ark experience – closed in by God’s hand and saved from the waters.

I am reading The Story of Christian Theology by Roger Olson (IVP). I have read this many times before. After this I will read JND Kelley’s Early Christian Doctrines.  I have downloaded on my Kindle Vol 2 of the AnteNicene Fathers so I can read the primary sources, the Fathers themselves. During this time I will be focusing on Great Church and the Great Tradition. I will soon read once again John Henry Newman’s And Essay on The Development of Christian Doctrine.  Then I will read some church history. I will be doing some translation work in Hebrew and Greek. I am also rereading Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. If you have done reading in the period of Calvin, you will be impressed with how refreshingly biblical he is. He is an exegete of another kind. As you can tell, I am focusing on early church and the development of the Christian tradition. So many evangelicals are waking up to the reality of classical Christianity. I don’t think I have an unrealistic picture of this period as if it is the halcyon days of Christianity. Who would want to live in a time before Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, etc.? But researching the DNA of the church can only be helpful and provide a backdrop for decision making in our own time.

My son, Jon, called, and we spent an hour and a half on the phone just covering the territory. He is looking forward to Easter Sunday at Willow Creek Chicago. They use a gospel choir quite a bit and he really enjoys that.

Sharon’s mother sent her an Easter gift so we used it to buy Chinese food. Yum!!!!

Then I went back to reading. The college changed my textbook for philosophy class so I began the work of digesting that.

Today I will scoot over to the church to work on my books – packing, organizing, etc. I will pick up a couple of books I have sold and need to get mailed.

I am sure I will have days of banging my head against walls, but for right now I feel like I have walked into an amusement park with so many rides I’m not sure which one to get on first.

One thought on “My “sabbatical”

  1. Perhaps your growing focus on and foundation in the Early Church will help direct you to your next church. Maybe even plant a church with that as part of its vision for community life and teaching.

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