This is what Kindle users are afraid of

Macmillan books not available on Kindle. Amazon is effectively blocking certain books because of disagreements on pricing. I would think publishers can set their own prices and then Amazon can charge whatever discount it is willing to suffer. People will then buy or not buy the book. But to make the book unavailable is not the best solution.

Kindle’s formatting is proprietary while other E-books publish in an open source format, like the new Apple iPad. If Kindle isn’t careful, it’s going to get left behind when all other E-book readers use one format in common and Kindle holds out.  This could lead to certain books being available on one kind of E-reader and others available on a different E-reader.

If more books would end up on Kindle for a higher price, then I am game. Nothing more frustrating than using the Kindle and finding they haven’t provided the incentive book publishers need to publish in the Kindle format.

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