Twitter and the “how much God is using me” syndrome

I really enjoy Twitter and following some people whose books I enjoy and whose ministry is pacesetting in addition to just keeping up with my friends.

But the “this is how God is using me” stuff gets tedious. Maybe everything some people do is just PR. I don’t want to believe that but it seems that some cannot speak in other ways. It gets oppressive.

Yes, I think, I love your books and how big your church is and how much money you raised for Haiti and how you started a new relief ministry overnnight, and so on and so on. Yes, God is using you. And it’s grand.

But in this kind of transaction something gets lost. It’s hard to describe. In the process of communicating that way you become an “it.” There is a distancing mechanism at work when all your communication is about how important you are to what God is doing. You would never say you say that. But believe me, you do. I am finding out a lot about how little you cooperate and get on other people’s turf where they are in charge. I am finding out that you don’t really get how big it all really is and how small each of us is no matter how big we appear. It gets tedious, man.

I also like to hear about lessons being learned and what you are catching other people doing well. For my personal friends I like to hear about the normal. Glad to know you are on vacation, to learn about books you’re reading, restaurants you enjoy, and so on. But for others who use Twitter as a fan base, I could use a bit less fanning.

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