I remember this cover from TIME magazine

time1101660408_400-227x300I still remember this cover from Time. I was a junior in high school. Soon I would be a freshman in college and hear Thomas JJ Altizer at Old Dominion University assert the same. Little did I know the wave I was riding culturally – the death wish of the Western world.

Tonight we covered Frederich Nietzche in Ethics class. I spent time reading Nietzche with stops to comment and reflect. Many of the students had a difficult time reading Nietzche on their own, but when he is read aloud, the pieces seemed to come together for them. They saw the horror.

The true enemy of God is the lukewarm church. So it is declared in The Revelation. It is the lukewarm church that has turned God into tea time and biscuits. Who needs a God who is into the suburban dream of “more”? Our culture is right in rejecting such an imaginary being. And yet this is the image we keep serving up to the people expecting them to be satisfied. They know better, but do not know how to fight pastors and authors who make it all so appealing and sweet.

God is not dead. He is alive and on the battle front where the Evil One devours and destroys.

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