Learning to chant the psalms

I am using the book Learning to Chant the Psalms by Cynthia Bourgeault.  It comes with a cd so that I can hear as well as read. There is some true simplicity to chanting and from where I sit right now there are some minor twists and turns that bring to the Psalms the mystical, the transcendent, the depth and the emotional power that rightly belongs to them.

Our church is readying itself for Compline services in the Fall and some instruction in chanting will be helpful. Chanting is a way to bring music back to the people since it does not require complex harmonization nor strong melody lines. Of course, this is just one way to sing unto the Lord but it has been a powerful way in the history of the church.

Phyllis Tickle, whose Divine Hours I used for fixed hour prayer writes of this book:

Few books ever manage to both inform and enthrall in equal measure the way this one does. The whole world of Christian spirituality owes Cynthia Boureault an enormous debt of gratitude for having us a classic.”

I’ll keep you posted. It’s an experiment in Christ-following.

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