The Face on Your Plate

Just read the book by the same name. Bottom line for me: any person who believes in creation stewardship simply cannot support the manner in which we harvest animals for our food supply. I am not talking about veganism, vegetarianism, or eating meat. If animals can suffer by being kept from living out of their nature, then our food supply routines have inflicted a great deal of pain into our earth system. And if there is anything like karma, there is bound to be enough unhappiness in this to afflict us all. Perhaps the high rate of heart disease and colon cancer is just that kind of return.

I remember reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle as a freshman in college and the scenes of the meatpacking industry. Of course, the point there is the ultimate dehumanization of the worker. But I can recall the utter horror of how the animals were harversted. Everything was dark all the way around. Perhaps this is the price we pay for being city dwellers who are far removed from our food supply and therefore somewhat immune to what has to happen for us to get our protein through meat. We virtually do not care how we get it.

Even something as supposedly harmless as milk supply and eggs inflicts a kind of pain that no person I know would be willing to inflict on an animal. And fish, which seem to be the least sentient creatures, are subjected to conditions in fish farms that wouldn’t be allowed in a home acquarium by the least tidy among us.

This is an area I need to explore and respond to. I can’t believe how incredibly naive I have been on this topic. By the way the New York Times has a great article on how we eat, or more exactly, the new trends in finding our food supply.

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