Keeping Up With Ted Haggard

Here is the Washington Post article. Tracking Ted can be a full-time job!!! There is some value here. His journey gives an insight into this thing we call evangelicalism. For a long time Ted was treading water in the evangelical pond, and it is still his natural habitat. But the question remains how a guy like Ted remains engaged with evangelicalism having done what he did and being “complex” (as he puts it) as he is. Is there room for him? In what way? As the story comes out about how his church handled him we will gain more and more knowledge about what we believe about redemption, reconciliation and the deep and often unfathomable complexities of the human spirit. No one ever defends the level of dishonesty, but we all know that we live at varying levels of dishonesty. Do our churches really provide a way to come clean, make a fresh start, be accepted for the compromised people we really are? Or is it to be shown the door once how human you are becomes known? This is where religion as we know can become a pathology. It begins to hurt people. Church can become like a hospital where you can’t tell the doctor how sick you are. There has to be a better way.

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