People in Divorce Care understand this

Santa Shooter Commits Suicide After Killing Spree in California – I think people in DC intuitively understand this scenario. The violence done in divorcing, disputing over the kids, finances, and friendship networks, the hurt, humiliation and pain are all killing things. The death wish is at the bottom of so many divorces – everybody must go down, there can be no future, the darkness is too deep.

It bears to be repeated. You cannot get that close to a person in marriage and then make tearing apart in divorce a gentle thing. The devastation is too deep, the vulnerability too extreme. People who leave their spouses just “because they want to be happy” find that they are choosing a death path. You can’t just walk away. Pe0ple won’t stand for it. Yes, there might not be bodies lying around afte a shooting spree, but there will be spirits lying around, battered and bruised.  And home forever will be the scene of the crime.

It remains true that the two great plagues on our culture are alcohol abuse and divorce. Scratch the surface of the normal man on the street and the dark stories of alochol and broken homes are just beneath the surface and all that goes with it.

Recently I listened on the radio to the candidate from the Prohibition Party in the last election. Yes, there is still a Prohibition Party. The facts and statistics that rolled off his tongue were stunning. I felt like I was standing in front of a machine gun. Alcohol and divorce are kissing cousins. Our courts are full of the consequences of these two scourges that hold no prisoners. A death sentence – pure and simple.

2 thoughts on “People in Divorce Care understand this

  1. my daughter has gone thru a divorce and I totally agree with what you said, that divorce leaves people wounded and is a “killing” act.
    would you please email me a copy of the article “poeple in divorce care understand this”.
    also can you recommend a Christian book that would be helpful to her. She is a believer, her ex is not, she did not want the divorce, he has addictions, there is a 5 year old child, and the pain goes on and on.

  2. People who leave their spouses just “because they want to be happy” find that they are choosing a death path.

    Wow, Don, this this hit hard.

    When I asked my Dad why he was leaving, he said, “I just think things will be better this way”

    When I responded, “Don’t you believe God when he says it’s not better?”, he just didn’t respond.

    God has done a lot to restore my relationship with my father, but there has been so much pain(for everyone). It IS the path of death.

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