Ron Paul on the bailout

I am not a Ron Paul nut. But for years I have seen the federal government prop up a casino economy by easy money and an artificially inflated stock market. Of course, the end result of making the governement the source of economic prosperity is that in a time of crisis, such as now, the federal government must float the economy. It can’t be done.  Every sector of the economy is coming to Washington and asking for the money it is so willing to give to the credit markets, including the automakers. The economy is sick and has to go through some heaving to clean out the poisons we have interjected. Some congressmen are being very brave and asking serious questions, refusing to be pushed around. I can only imagine the pressure being brought to bear on them. But if you love the USA deeply and have your eye on the goal, its time to back away from the government cash cow. At the same time, the government should take on Wall Street like an umpire who sticks to the strke zone no matter who is at bat. If the government launches criminal investigations, it will gain some credibility and trust. The dialogue might open up a bit and compromise be an option to a degree. It’s time for Bush to fire any number of those in charge of regulation or who turned a blind eye to practices guaranteed to destroy share value. My congressman, even in Massachusetts, voted against the bailout.

The free market economy is a great contribution of the Judeo-Christian tradition. While it is easy in the name of compassion to back away from the demands of the marketplace, it is unwise and works at cross-purposes to those things which will bless and prosper all.

I am amazed at how in the Christian blogosphere so many popular bloggers are silent on this issue. I wonder if blogging is so much “blah-blah-blahing” until it really gets tough and those who have asked others to come to them for insight and wisdom in fact are only talking about the newest ideas and not hard realities.

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