My new laptop, Book TV and iTunes U

My church family at Coastal gave me a new laptop computer for my bithday. Wow – a great gift. Now I can lay in bed and compute!!! One of my delights has been to dip into the over 500 streaming videos at Brian Lamb of C-Span is one of my favorite interviewers. Short, crisp questions that allow the author to be center stage. You can download any interview you desire for a cost or view it for free on their website. So far I have listened to an interview on the topics of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Robert Frost, and Samuel Morse, plus tasted a few more that I’ll listen to more fully later on. I have also listened to lots of stuff at iTunesU, college courses online that I can listen to on my laptop or download to my iPod. My local library has plenty of cds from The Teaching Company, which records college lectures on an enormous number of subjects. I am viewing a series on the history of Rome. No reason to go brain dead!!!! What a delight.

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