Seeqpod  is a search engine specifically for indexing and finding playable search results including audio, video & podcasts that are publicly accessible on the World Wide Web. It reportedly has an index of 8 million songs.

Using Seeqpod you can livestream the music you choose. Listen to any song, the whole song. Create different playlists. It’s not downloadable.

Why I am not going to buy the new ESV study Bible

Simply put – enough is enough. Yes, I would love to get my hands on it. I like the ESV and the contributing authors have my respect. But how much more am I going to get out of another study Bible? After all, I have the NIV Study Bible, the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible, The Geneva Study Bible, the Word in Life Study Bible, The Harper Study Bible, The Archaelogy Study Bible, The Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible – and that’s just what I remember without looking at my library. Another study Bible makes me feel like I am buying a Hummer – there’s just got to be a point where we say “no more.”

I wonder if you should buy an SUV now

If it is the cost of gas you are worried about, perhaps now would be the time to buy one of those SUVs they can’t unload. They are selling at such huge discounts that what you save will more than make up for what you would have spent on the gas – assuming we don’t go up to $8 a gallon. Which we won’t. Americans are not going to let that happen. I was there for the 1973 oil crisis. We were constantly told that we were running out of oil. So many bought it. We weren’t and aren’t. I think Americans just might do energy self-sufficiency this time. Good ole USA.

Will they be ordained? Will they be priests? Will they be Catholic?

The Boston Globe’s headline reads, “3 women to be ordained Catholic priests in Boston.” In fact, they will not be ordained, not Catholic and not priests. The words will be used and the ceremony followed, but what actually happens is nothing. It is not the RC church which is sanctioning the ritual but a rogue group standing at odds with the bishops.

Makes me wonder about many Protestant ordinations. Who really is a pastor, in any legitimate sense of that word? How does that happen and what makes that happen? Charles Spurgeon, the great English preacher of Victorian England, was never ordained. He found some satisfaction in that. He called ordination laying idle hands on empty heads.

An insitutional answer is that a man is a pastor (actually, yes, I believe that pastoring is gender specific) when we say he is. A genuinely Protestant answer is that a man is ordained when God says he is. And perhaps a more skeptical approach wonders what ordination is anyway.