Dobson leads Howard Stearn in balloting for the Radio Hall of Fame

Click here for article. Dobson has taken quite a beating over the last few years as he seems to stand alone among evangelical personalities against further moral erosion, particularly combatinghomomsexual activists and pornographers. One thing is for sure. Dobson is not feathering his nest or seeking popularity. Other popular evangelical preachers have moved away from him at the speed of light. His bold stands seem to receive more plaudits from the Roman Catholic Church. Who would have ever guessed it would come to this? See the website  I understand that some in the church may choose to vote for Obama for any number of reasons, some of which appear fair to me. But I think to take on Dr Dobson like this is beyond bounds. While one may disagree with Dobson on this or that, at least he is not an evangelical who embarrasses us with “I-have-a-direct-line-to-God-and-He-told-me-what-to-tell-you” antics. Dobson is a broad based evangelical with a commitment to the authority of the Bible and the use of reason in moral argument. I am amazed at how popular it now is to criticize him. I sure wish Rick Warren and Bill Hybels would publicly affirm him, even as their ministry strategies are softer and less confrontational. Dobson deserves better.

One thought on “Dobson leads Howard Stearn in balloting for the Radio Hall of Fame

  1. I don’t care for Dobson’s fear-based parenting strategies, but you’re right he’s NOT an embarrassment. I’d say, annoyance. He certainly doesn’t speak for me, but I can do w/o this site. However, I think it’s fair. If he wants to use his pulpit(and lets be honest; that’s what he has) for political propaganda then he is going to have to put up with silly websites like this one.

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