Doubleday inks a two-book deal with Bruce Wilkinson, author of the Christian chart topper The Prayer of Jabez.

Click here. Speaking about the deal, WaterBrook Multnomah president and publisher Steve Cobb called The Prayer of Jabez “a landmark in Christian publishing” that paved the way for other megaselling Christian titles.” Cobb promised that Wilkinson’s forthcoming title “will once again ignite the marketplace and transform lives.” I don’t know about you, but I am so excited about the marketplace being ignited.

Well, here we go again!!!

Hey, it worked for Rick Warren. (And I am a Purpose Driven Life fan). So let’s give it another try. Change your church in a month, double your Sunday School attendance, experience exponential growth, live fully, have no regrets, live passionately, break out of mediocrity. Buy the book One Month to Live, purchase the companion challenge planner with bonus DVD, miniposter, 2’x8′ ft vertical banner, bookmarks, fold-over invite cards, direct mail postcard, bulletin inserts, challenge group booklet, six-session challenge group DVD, Promo dvid, sermon outlines and powerpoints, web banner and buttons.

Before you think I’m cycnical, I am actually thinking about it – I mean signing up. In my years of ministry, I have usually taken the bait. It’s hard for me to resist anything that comes on glossy paper with very good looking people. By the way, I’m old enough not to be one of them!!! And I’m not sure I was one of them when I was young.

Actually, what I want to do is love Jesus, worship fully, serve humbly. I wonder how you market that. I am thankful for the people, the books, the churches that don’t make much of me and my many needs. They build a glorious vision of God that fills the heart. And when that’s central, other things just sort of work out. And if they don’t, that’s sort of okay. I found the pearl buried in the field. I’m already satisfied.

But, like I said, I probably will sign up. There’s just something about that glossy paper.