The Faith of George Washington

This morning I showed to my 9/10 and 11/12 grade Bible classes this video sermon by D James Kennedy. I have it in my library from some years back, taped right off the tube when I was watching the Coral Ridge Hour.  It continues to thrill me to hear of the life and faith of Washington. While it has become custom to question the religious faith of our founding fathers and to entertain any suggestion, no matter how small, that they were men of clay feet, there is powerful evidence of extraordinarily deep devotion, moral rectitude and humble piety among them. Foremost must be George Washington.

As Kennedy quotes in his sermon, some considered Washington, in his day, to be the “moral wonder of the world.” The fact remains that there are those who follow in the train of the apostles, who run for the prize and who do manifest a life worthy of emulation.

The book from which Kennedy does much of his quoting is “George Washington, The Christian” by William J. Johnson.

Of course, there was no reference to Washington’s slave holding or to any other worldviews that made him a creature of his day. But if we are to have heroes of any kind, we must at some point be generous enough of spirit to allow others to remain but flesh.

 I think I am challenged enough to do even more reading on Washington. I am in temperament his opposite. I am often hot blooded, quick of response and a man of moods. I like men who do not hold their cards to their chest and who are not squeamish is expressing opinion. (In this I am particularly fond of John Adams). But it would do me well to look at the spiritual journey of such a man as this.

And besides, as a teacher I wonder who will be the heroes of our youth. Washington should be a good start.

2 thoughts on “The Faith of George Washington

  1. Dear Don Bryant,

    As I returned today from a day showing Mount Vernon to a wonderful Christian family from Brandywine, Pennsylvania, I got notice of this blog entry of yours. Over a decade ago, I gave Dr. D. James Kennedy a copy of the book George Washington the Christian” (no comma), and later gave him a copy of the booklet “Daily Sacrifice” which were the prayers transcribed in chapter of the GWTC book, in GW’s penmanship.

    You can see copies of those penmanship pages in a workbook format at http://www.PrayerWarrior.US. If you would like to learn more about the slave issue and Washington read the essay at, or let’s chat. In GW, JRM

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