I Am Legend

My boys and I went to see Will Smith in “I Am Legend.” Great movie. You won’t drift during this one. It’s one of those movies when everything is very quiet and then all hell breaks lose making people all over the theatre spill their drinks. You know it’s coming, but you don’t know when.

This is the story of a killer virus at work that is the result of biotech engineering gone wrong. A few are immune to it, and Will Smith is one of those. Rather than fleeing the scene of its outbreak in NYC, he stays (as far as he knows the only one in NYC still alive) to do experimentation to find the cure. He is in constant dangerous from the remaining infected ones who have been turned into those who hunt by night and like vampires must avoid the light of day.

Will Smith carries the movie since he is essentially the only actor. He pulls it off.

The bottom line is that he finds the cure which is his own blood. That blood will save the few who have fled to far away Vermont where the zombies cannot find them. Let me see, a single hero whose own blood will save those who receive it!! Where have I heard this before?

This reminds me of GK Chesterton’s book, The Everlasting Man. Chesterton makes the point that before Christ the myths of the world pointed to something that would one day come true, a Savior who redeem the world. Then Christ came and became what CS Lewis called a True Myth, the fulfillment of all myths. All the world’s stories were a preparation for The Story.

“I Am Legend” is a myth that is in us. We don’t make it up. It comes out of us. We are all infected. We are creatures who live by night and dread the light. There is one who walks in the light and his blood will save us.

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