3 thoughts on “Tithe if you love Jesus! Anyone can honk.

  1. Sadly, many Christians believe that tithing (or 10%)is what God requires from us as far as His money is concerned. Under the Old Covenant, that’s what He did ask for – only the total given (due to the various tithes) was closer to 23 – 25%. Many of we lay Christians are ignorant of this fact and an objective teaching should be given rather than stating one’s preference and assuming that others have the same conviction. Many well-known Christian leaders do not hold this view – though they are generous GIVERS rather than legalistic tithers. If one wants to hold to tithing as defined, 23 – 25% shou be given. The principle of tithing, if not adhered to as God intended it (23 – 25% should not be replaced by our 10% giving; God sacrificed everything for us (His Son)- and He requires our LIVES to be sacrificed to Him in service. Are we so dense as to believe that only 10% of our money is enough?

  2. It seems to me that God has always required all, per the first and second greatest commandments. Abraham was required to give all, though he gave a tithe. I don’t think a tithe is in contrast to the new covenant. But on these things Christians of good conscience disagree. We all agree that lavish giving is a joy and that no ritual percentage can in and of itself satisfy the heart.

  3. Why do we keep coming back to Abraham when it comes to tithing? Abraham’s tithe was not given to God, neither was it a show of generosity in any shape or form. Your assertion of tithing to show your love for God is clearly unbiblical. The tithes were simply a TENTH of food produce from within the land of Israel and never money. On the other hand, the New Testament never says 10% is the giving starting point instead it encourages people to give what they can afford.

    Anybody can tithe and honk but God alone knows who truly loves Him!

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