The Bible I Felt Guilty for Buying

Yes, this is the first time I felt guilty for buying a Bible.

I actually bought it for two reasons – the print was a bit larger that I could use for teaching purposes, and the page format was easy to scan.

But after I bought it, I read the cover. I was told that this “reliable, durable, and portable” Bible had other special features, such as special, imported paper, a craft-made Amalfi cover, a ribbon marker and specially commissioned woodblock art. I was also told that now I could experience the Bible anywher from my morning commute on the bus to a late night study-group session (obviously not referring to a special copy for the persecuted church!!!!) And along with the classic design I have the added convenience of a Bible that is not only comfortable to hold but also to read…and stylish, too.

Gee, I feel like I should have bought this Bible at a jewelers.  I am not sure I should have any callouses when I use it. And (I am sorry, ladies) but now I wonder what is a man doing with this kind of Bible.

This is a Bible clearly made for the Western church with too much money to spend. Is it too late to repent for buying a Bible?

One thought on “The Bible I Felt Guilty for Buying

  1. I had a paperback RSV Bible for the longest time, from my High School days until I was in my late 20’s. The pages were coming out and I had them clipped together with paper clips… I finally bought a new bible, still an inexpensive one, NKJV because that’s what the pastor preached from at the church I was going to. But I never got used to it. So then I tried NLT version – a tiny pocket size. My eyes couldn’t hack it and I still couldn’t get used to the version. Then the TNIV came out and everybody here a the seminary was using it so I got one in our bookstore. I couldn’t stand it. So I went to Christian Used Books, a used bookstore nearby the sem, and found a used but not in too bad condition, old RSV bible with a leather binding, nicer than any of my bibles but only something like $15. I feel guilty for not doing that in the FIRST place!!

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