Gone, Baby, Gone

Mystic River redux.  This is a great flick. I need to see it again.

Casey Affleck (Ben’s brother) is the protagonist, an understated, low-key, baby-faced, soft-voiced PI. It’s great to have a main character who isn’t so cool you actually want to be him but interesting enough to watch and appreciate.

This is one of those movies that just when you think it’s over it ain’t….and then you put on your seat buckle for another round…and then you think it’s over, but it ain’t…and this time you hope your seat buckle still works. I love movies like this.

 The movie revolves around the question of whether or not it is best to do the right thing, though someone who is innocent might suffer terribly for it, or the thing that seems to common sense to bring the most good. I think we face this all the time. I do as a pastor. Affleck makes the decision for the right thing, the lawful thing, and then finds that he is alone.

Of course, if you’re from Boston it’s great to see the sites of the film, even if some places aren’t quite so pretty  – lower income city neighborhoods, people who grow up believing that life has three career options (firefighter, policeman or criminal), kids stuck in places that kill the soul, and adults who can’t get past their own issues.

Mystic River beats Gone, Baby, Gone – but not by much. The former has so much character development that you can’t get away from it. But the performance by Affleck holds its own. And the audience is riveted enough you won’t have to ask anyone to shhhh!!

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