Paradise Lost

John Milton wrote this great work when he left Santa Barbara. (Is this revisionist history?) Actually, this is how people feel when they leave Santa Barbara.

I left Ben on Wednesday afternoon and took the red eye back to Boston to hit the ground running. The trip to get Ben settled went perfect, PTL! A lot could have gone wrong that didn’t. And a lot more went right that we were expecting. Ben’s shipment of things from Boston even arrived early. (I guess things just go better in Santa Barbara).  He ended up with a great roommate. I know that because his roommate’s dad took us all out to eat at a great restaurant on the beach!!!

Ben and I spent Wednesday morning on the beachfront and wharf at Santa Barbara and then did some cruising among the shops on beautiful State St. Wow!!! It’s hard to shake the Walmart urges – blue vests and gray hair make my day. But I was getting used to the CA look.

On landing back in Boston I was reminded how beautiful our area is. Most of all it is GREEN.  There are very few places as attractive as the South Shore. And who wants all that boring 72 degree weather all the time anyway?

 Now Sharon and I are officially empty nesters. The guys are gone! But we are working on Christmas plans to get everyone together. I already can’t wait.

One thought on “Paradise Lost

  1. My last one moved out and got married over two years ago and I’m still not all together used to it. God bless you and Sharon as you re-discover this fresh context for your marriage, and may you have a GREAT Christmas : )

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